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Hi, My Name is Anastacia and I'm imperfect Woman loved by a Perfect God. A few years ago, I created a Facebook Page and then an Instagram Page where I posted my Poetry and Quotes. And now I am venturing to Author my very first Book. It's something God put on my heart a long time ago and I wasn't quite sure how to go about it. Now I know when God gives you something, you don't sit on it you just do it, and he will make a way.

My heart is for Women of God who are stumbling through being a Christian woman. The World has such a huge opinion about Women; our choices, our minds, our bodies, our skin color and our rights. But how does that align with what the Word of God Says about Us? And why do we entertain the opinions of an imperfect world over a perfect God? Maybe it's because the noise of the world has overpowered the voice of God ?

Perhaps we are different, complicated and don't quite fit in because We are Peculiar, We are Chosen and We are His.

We are not who they say we are but who God says we are. Period. 

I pray through Words that I can be a witness to the goodness of God. He's a God that makes broken things Beautiful, and I am Living Proof.

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