My Truth

Can I tell you my truth ? that yo' girl is not always smiles , laughs and jokes that sometimes I have to go sit in the bathroom and cry and cry and cry that sometimes I write things in a book look at it later and don't recognize that girl that sometimes I envy the girl everyone "thinks" I am that sometimes its hard to get out of bed because my body is already tired of what they day may hold and in these times I remind myself to look to Him I say "this is too heavy for me to bear" I cry and I cry unto Him I cry and I cry and say His Name The name unto which every fear, anxiety must now and my minds thoughts must submit And I commit to his healing power to His will ans His way it's on Him I cast all of my cares my truth is I talk to the one who Listens it's in my time in Him that I find myself, that I the truth


I am learning the complete power in saying I'm not okay but not just stopping there but saying "in these moments Lord I need You". I can't do anything in this life on my own , not even wake up in the morning it's in Him that I live , move and have my being (Acts 17:28). I am nothing on my own and Everything in Him

Be at peace in your brokenness love, God can meet you there

©Anastacia Anisa

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